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The chart above summarizes the types of ammunition that can be used on each range.  Failure to comply with this chart is a major safety violation and will get you expelled from the Club.

200-yard Range:

The 200-yard Range has 100-yard and 200-yard target boards with 20 covered benches. There is a 30' x 80' loading and cleaning shelter with a concrete floor.  We have limited RV parking with electrical hook-ups, no water. The RV parking is for registered matches only. Camping is not allowed on club property, except during registered matches.

Rimfire Range & Plinking Pit:

The Rimfire Range has 25-yard and 50-yard target boards with 10 covered benches. This range has several reactive targets set up at 25-yards and 50-yards.  A Plinking Pit has a sheltered picnic table, shooting benches, two target boards, and a number of reactive targets.

Utility Pit:

The Utility Range is a short distance range with target boards at 25- and 50-yards.  Any firearm allowed by Club Rules can be fired here.

Pistol Pits:

The Pistol Range has three pistol pits for rimfire and pistol caliber ammunition.  No bottleneck ammunition is allowed in the pistol pits except for 357-Sig.  Backer boards are supplied for paper targets. Steel targets include a Dueling Tree, Plate Racks, a Texas Star, and reactive silhouettes.

Skeet Fields:

RCGC has three Skeet fields with cinder block trap houses. We use Laporte model 185 traps. Our fields are some of the finest in the South with an open background, shade trees, and benches for the shooter's comfort. We provide a covered shelter with raised deck and picnic tables at each field. There is an air conditioned stat house. Instruction is available for new shooters.

Trap Fields:

We have six operational Trap fields. Trap number 6 is a wobble trap. Trap 4 is set up to throw doubles.  Registered ATA matches and Fun Shoots (Lewis Class) are held monthly. We have Canterbury and ERAD voice releases for each field. There is an air conditioned stat house with attached open air shelter. Instruction is available for new shooters.  We have an excellent youth program affiliated with the Scholastic Clay Target Program, Carolina Clays.

Patterning Boards:

There are shotgun patterning boards located on the Utility Pit and on the Trap Field past Field 6.  The patterning board on the Trap Field is limited to 7 1/2 or smaller shot.

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