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Skeet Fields Have Gone Wireless

  • 07/30/2023 4:21 PM
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    The cords for the skeet fields have been replaced with a wireless remote control. Each control is field specific and are hanging in the low house of each field. All that needs to be done is plug up the power supply to the traps and make sure the the plug that says remote on it is plugged into the trap at each house. Once that is done all you have to do is push any button on the remote and it connects with the traps. These remotes allow anyone to shoot alone by getting one of the lapel microphones hanging on the bulletin board in the skeet house. Please put them back when done and if you have an ERAD it will still work. The only maintenance will be the remotes will have to have to 9volt batteries replaced every now and then. If everything is plugged up and it won’t throw a target the battery will need replaced. I will purchase extra batteries and have them in the skeet house. There are instructions in each low house if you would like to read them and it explains how to use the microphone. Since the control head does not get any power until the trap is plugged into the power supply there is no need to unplug the twist loc plug from the trap itself so you can leave that plugged up but make sure you unplug the power supply from the wall when you finish shooting. If there is a problem with the remote system all that needs to be done is get a cord from the skeet house and plug everything up the old way and it will work. If this needs to be done the twist loc plug marked cord will have to be plugged into the trap.

    Mike Hatfield 336-589-4108

  • 08/04/2023 9:40 AM
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    Go to the Skeet Fields page of our website and scroll to the bottom to watch a video tutorial on the new wireless trap release transmitter.
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  • 08/18/2023 8:25 AM
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