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Don't Forget the Poll

  • 02/24/2023 12:37 AM
    Message # 13109208

    The poll titled Calling All Handgun Shooters will close in less than two weeks. Please complete the poll if you are interested in receiving emails on upcoming handgun training and fun matches.

  • 02/24/2023 10:24 AM
    Reply # 13109642 on 13109208

    If there are going to be some IDPA matches I am definitely interested.


  • 03/15/2023 9:19 AM
    Reply # 13132339 on 13109208

    The poll is closed.  But you can still get on the Pistol Group mailing list.  Log onto the website, go into your profile, and check the Pistol box in the "Group participation" section below the Avatar section. 

    Likewise, if you want to leave the Pistol Group mailing list, edit your profile and uncheck the box next to Pistol.

    Check out the attached screenshot to see what that looks like in your profile.

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