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Welcome to 2023 @ RCGC!

  • 02/01/2023 12:24 PM
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    This was mailed USPS to 47 members for which we do not have a valid email address and emailed to the other 1300+ members this morning, 1-Feb-2023.

    Thank you for continuing your membership at RCGC.

    Lots of Shoots and Matches: We have a great group of Range Directors and volunteers running many matches this year.  The new website "Events" tab has a calendar with matches color coded by venue.  Below that are listings of the next four events scheduled for all ranges.  For a complete listing of all events for any shooting discipline, go to range page in the "Ranges and Programs" tab.

    Classes: We have two different training classes on the calendar.  Tyler Cox continues to teach the trauma first aid "Stop the Bleed" series which has been very popular. The other class is basic firearm training for women called "Ladies in Defense."  Click those events on the Calendar or Upcoming Events listing to register or sign the waitlist.

    New Pistol/Utility Pit Director: Robert Baker has volunteered to take this open position.  Robert was in the USMC and was the firearms training manager for the Pomona Police Department in Southern California.  He completed the NRA Instructor and NRA Chief Range Safety Officer training last week.  He introduced himself with a post on the website's News & Alerts Forum and is the catalyst behind setting up the "Ladies in Defense" class.

    ALERTS and Discussion Forums: If you would like an email alert when NEWS items or "FOR SALE" items are posted, you can click the "Subscribe to forum" link.  Log into the website, go to the Forums page, then click on the forum you are interested in to find this link.  And please post your own news, experiences, and photos to share with other members on the forum.  We will post more items here than we will send out as email ALERTS, so check for the very latest developments.

    Padlock Codes:  If you forget the code, you can log into the website and go to the "Members Only" page.  Over 880 members have logged in and can do this.  Codes will not be provided over the telephone.

    Electronic Gate: Any number you used to open the gate with the keypad will no longer work – if you forget your card, you will have to unlock the padlock on the emergency gate to gain access to the facility.  Only EMS and vendors can enter with a code.  Our card numbers are not randomized so it was too easy to guess a badge number like yours.

    Expired Memberships: Quick reminder – not all members renew every year but they will still have a gate card that looks valid. If you see someone at the entrance and their card does not work, they probably let their membership lapse.  If you let them in, they are your guest for the day and you are responsible for their actions.

    Credit Card Payments: More than half the renewals were done by credit card since we started offering that feature.  This significantly reduces the labor and opportunities for errors by the Club Secretary and Treasurer.  You can also pay for your skeet and trap targets with a credit card on the Store page of the website.  Note that if you purchase a hat or knife on the Store page there are no shipping options -- you will have to arrange to pick up that item at the Clubhouse.  Replacement ID cards will be mailed, but without the spring clip.  Spring clips are available in the Clubhouse lounge.

    Clay Target Prices:  The costs for a round of skeet and trap have been adjusted to cover rising target costs.  Members now pay $4/round and Guests pay $6/round.

    Clubhouse Drinks: Some prices go up and some prices go down.  The refrigerator in the Clubhouse will be stocked with complimentary bottled water.  Please do not leave money in that refrigerator.  Refrigerators on the ranges may have different policies so abide by instructions posted by Range Directors.

    Recent Upgrades:

    • Eight concrete blocks were added between Pistol Pit 1 and 2 to extend the wall and improve the safety of shooters in Pistol Pit 1
    • The berm in the Rimfire range was widened to help reduce erosion
    • Electrical
      • Lights were upgraded in the blockhouse bathroom
      • Lights and outlets were added to the target storage building
      • Portable generator feeds and interlocks were added to the Clubhouse and Skeet electrical pedestal.  This will run the well pump, lights, and trap machines for the skeet fields and trap fields in the event of a power outage during a major shoot. 

    Goals:  We have a few major improvements in the planning stages for 2023:

    • Build a range for turkey shotguns and defensive shotguns
    • Complete the new Skeet Stat house
    • Renovate & remodel the Trap Stat house
    • Improve the water supply

    On behalf of the Board of Directors and Range Directors, I hope you enjoy shooting at RCGC and look forward to seeing you in 2023.


    Bert Schmitz
    Secretary and Membership Chairman

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