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Carolina Clays and RCGC well represented at 124th Grand American Trap Championships

Five youth and five adult shooters from RCGC participated in the 124th Grand American trap shoot held at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex located in Sparta, Illinois. The 2023 Grand American consisted of 3,047 classified shooters this year, ranging from 1500-1800 shooters per event during the “Grand Week”. ATA Secretary Hunter Galloway III kept himself busy with ATA business and was not available for the picture. Thanks for all you do Hunter!

RCGC shooters Mark Cox and Tim Davis, along with CC members Greyson Stainback and Colson Allen, got the ball rolling during Event #16 President Ed Wehking Handicaps. Tim posted a 98 for overall 8th place and 1 1/2-yard punch. Mark posted a 97 for 23 to 24.5 yardage Champion and a 1-yard punch. Greyson posted a 97 for 19-20.5 yardage Champion and a 1-yard punch. Colson posted a 98 for Sub Jr Champion and 1 ½ yard punch. All four were in shoot offs for their respective awards. This was Greyson’s and Colson’s first shoot offs and man did they hold it together!!

CC members Greyson Stainback, Samantha McInteer, and Colson Allen also participated in the Event #18 Wendell August Champion of Champions Singles event. Participants are eligible to compete by winning their category during their respective state singles championship.

Samantha McInteer posted a strong 98 for Event #19 Challenger Handicaps, positioning her for a Jr 3rd place shoot off. Unfortunately, she was bested 25-24 but she did gain a 1 1/2-yard punch. James McInteer secured the 19-20.5 yardage Champion with a 97, earning a 1-yard punch. Samantha then posted an impressive 99 in the Event #20 Kubota Doubles, putting her in a carry over for Jr 3rd place to be resolved in the Event #22 ATA World Doubles Championship.

Next, CC member Colson Allen shot a personal best of 97, followed by an even better 99, to end up with a 196 total in the Clay Target Championship 200 singles. This secured C Class fifth place for Colson. Colson went on the next day to shoot a 97 in Event #23 Caesar Guerini Prelim Handicaps, winning Sub Jr 3rd place and getting another 1 ½ yard punch. Colson brought home three buckles from this year’s Grand American. Just think, he and Isaac only began shooting registered targets in October of last year. Great job guys!!!


CC member Isaac McCoy posted his first 100 straight in the Clay Target Championship! What an accomplishment at the Grand American!! Isaac kept the momentum rolling, posting his best doubles score of 96 in the Event #22 ATA World Doubles Championship to bring home D class 3rd place after a three-way shoot off. Isaac also shot a 96 in the Event #23 Caesar Guerini Prelim Handicaps, putting him in his second shoot off for the night. Unfortunately, Isaac did not walk away with a trophy, but he did earn a 1-yard punch.

Finally, on the last event of the Grand, Gage Malone, Samantha McInteer, and James McInteer all posted 96s in the Event #24 Fiocchi Grand American Handicap, positioning themselves for shoot offs and earning ½ yard punches. James ran his first box to beat out 7 other shooters for 19-20.5 yardage Champion. Gage and Sam also both ran their first box knocking out the other 5 shooters and setting up a head-to-head shoot off between the two CC teammates. I have to say it was one of the hardest things for many of us to watch, but the class and comradery exhibited by Gage and Sam reminded us all why we love our CC family! Gage walked away winner, 24-23, winning 25-26.5 yardage 5th place. Sam earned her 27-yard pin!!


Greyson Stainback posted a 95 in the Event #24 Fiocchi Grand American Handicap placing him in a five-way shoot off. Unfortunately, he did not win but he did take home C Class 3rd in the ATA HOA 1000 targets. CC and RCGC members participated in a total of 12 shoot offs at the Grand American. If you see any of these participants, please congratulate them on these great accomplishments!!! Thanks to RCGC for all your support of Carolina Clays and being the premiere clay target club in North Carolina!

Chris Malone

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